About Us

The project is an existing Plant and Animal Milk beverage production, Cereal mix & spices production, Event Organizers and Cosmetics production, and formulators enterprise. Which is being promoted by Mrs. Lilipearl Naomi Asiedu-Yeenu.

The business is a sole proprietorship entity registered at the Registrar General Department under the Business Name Act, 1962 (No.151) with registration no. BN288092016. The enterprise is legally registered to go into the production of All kinds of Plant and Animal milk beverages and other products. The owner of the enterprise is a registered client of Ghana National Chamber of Commerce & Industry(GNCCI). SheTrade Commonwealth program, National Board of Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), AWEP, Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Made in Ghana Association, Ghana Export Promotion Council (GEPA), etc.

Mrs. Lilipearl Naomi Asiedu-Yeenu is the CEO of LILI-PAT YEENU VENTURES. She is a married woman with one (1) child She is a Second Degree graduate with a master's in Public health and a hard-working entrepreneur willing to market her product across various parts of the country and beyond.

She has participated in records keeping training, B2B workshops, business management training workshop, and technical training workshop in the Quality improvement and packaging being organized by Ghana National Chamber of Commerce & Industry(GNCCI), SheTrade commonwealth program, National Board of Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), AWEP, Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), etc,

LILI-PAT YEENU VENTURES envision to be a lead SME producer of quality and nutritive Milk beverages, Cereal mix, Spices, Mushroom production, and event organizing, and cosmetics production and formulator company in Ghana and beyond.
LILI-PAT YEENU VENTURES intends to add value to Plant and Animal milk drinks, Spices, Cereal mix, etc., products by producing quality, nutritive and hygienic milk beverages and other products that meet both local and international demands.
Objective of Business
To increase production by 50% - 100% on a monthly basis. To produce to meet quality and standards required products. To increase the profitability level of business. To increase the number of workers every quarterly.